Single Healing Session.

Each session starts with a short conversation on the topic. This can be a specific problem on a mental level associated with disturbing emotions, a feeling of stress, fear, anger or sadness, a heaviness or an emotional pain. It can also be a problem manifesting on a physical level.

The purpose of the conversation is to (re) activate the emotion linked with your topic on the feeling level. Once you feel the emotion, you lay down and close your eyes.

At that point I start working with the energetic manifestations of the emotions. They are translated to me in form of pictures or words. I also receive information about the source of emotional injuries from the past and about the constricting beliefs they created. Through the act of consciousness they are transformed and integrated, the energetic blockage is released. The effect of this will be a feeling of lightness and inner peace.

After the session we have a short and intensive review on what has been experienced.

Can external energies be removed?

Yes. Energies from outside can be released as well.

How many sessions do I need?

From my practical experience I recommend 3 sessions in an interval of 1 – 2 weeks to treat the different aspects of a topic

How long does a session last and how much does it cost?

A session lasts about an hour and costs € 120,-

How is a remote session working?

A remote session works like an on-site session . We connect through Skype or Telephone. For a remote session you will need a place where you can lay down for an hour free of outer disturbances.

When are sessions possible? Also in the evening

Monday to Friday from 11:00-16.00 hrs and from 18.00-20.00 hrs. On weekends only for urgencies.

For further information please contact